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Why did Spain want to find a sea route to Asia?

Why did Spain want to find a sea route to Asia?

Why did both Spain and Portugal want to find a sea route to Asia? Spain and Portugal wanted to find a sea route to Asia because Portugal did not share trade routes with Asia and Europe (no Meditteranean Ports), Spain wanted to Spread Christianity, and both countries wanted to find more trade.

What country first sent explorers to search for a sea route to Asia?


Which is the busiest sea route of the Europe?

Strait of Dover

Where is the busiest port in the world?

Shanghai, China

Which ocean provide the major sea routes of the world?

Indian Ocean hosts one of the most important global maritime routes connecting Far East with Europe. It passes though the South China Sea, Strait of Malacca, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Suez Canal and Mediterranean until Atlantic, and carries majority of the ultra-large containerships.

What are the two sea routes?

The list of International Sea routes are discussed below:

  • South Atlantic Oceanic Route.
  • North Atlantic Oceanic Route.
  • Routes of Mediterranean Sea.
  • Cape of Good Hope route.
  • North Pacific Oceanic Route.
  • South Pacific Oceanic Route.
  • Routes of Indian Ocean.

Which is India’s biggest port?

Mumbai Port

Which is the oldest port in India?

Kolkata Port Trust

Which is oldest port?

Kolkata Port

Which is the smallest in India?


Which city is known as Harbour city?


Which is the most beautiful port in India?

If you’re heading to India, consider adding the beautiful port cities ahead to your itinerary.

  • 01 of 09. Kollam. Geraint Rowland Photography / Getty Images.
  • 02 of 09. Kolkata. Tuul & Bruno Morandi / Getty Images.
  • 03 of 09. Pondicherry.
  • 04 of 09. Chennai.
  • 05 of 09. Kochi.
  • 06 of 09. Visakhapatnam.
  • 07 of 09. Port Blair.
  • 08 of 09. Kottayam.

Which is the second largest port of India?

Chennai Port

Which is the oldest artificial sea port of India?

Which is the deepest Harbour in India?

Gangavaram Port

Which city is not a sea port of India?

Complete answer: The diamond harbour is not a seaport. – Paradeep Port: It is a natural, deep- water port situated on the East coast of India present in Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha. It is located at the confluence of the Mahanadi river and the Bay of Bengal.

Which port is known as New Mangalore port?

New Mangalore was declared India’s 9th Major Port on May 4, 1974 and formally inaugurated by former prime minister Indira Gandhi on January 11, 1975. It is called New Mangalore Port to distinguish it from the old harbour or port located in Mangalore city which is called by Mangalore bunder or Hale bunder.

Which is the biggest port in Gujarat?

Mundra Port

Which state does not have any port?

This was followed by the Andaman and Nicobar islands with 24 non-major ports….Number of non-major ports in India in financial year 2019, by state and union territory.

Characteristic Number of non-major ports
Kerala 17
Tamil Nadu 15
Odisha 14
Andhra Pradesh 13