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Who was Red Coat at the lodge?

There is a “good” Red Coat who is obviously Alison. A appears to be trying to track her, and has a picture of a hooded Red Coat taped to their lair. Alison is revealed to be alive in the same episode, making it very likely that Alison was indeed present at the lodge.

Why was Sara Harvey Red Coat?

Season 3. In “A DAngerous GAme”, Charlotte, then known to the A-Team as Red Coat, sent Sara Harvey to pose as a decoy Red Coat at Thornhill, in order to distract the Liars and keep Mona occupied.

What did the girls do to Sara Harvey?

In the Season 6a finale, Sara Harvey got electrocuted on Pretty Little Liars BY ACCIDENT and, because they couldn’t, the Liars didn’t help her.

Who tortured Hanna in the barn?

At the beginning of season seven, Hanna is being tortured in some sort of wooden shed. As she’s in complete despair, Spencer comes to her and gives her comfort, telling her she’s going to be OK. When this happened, we thought it was just a dream. But turns out, it was Alex.

Is CeCe the Red Coat?

During “Escape from New York”, Aria claims that she asked CeCe to wear the disguise to distract “A” and that CeCe was never truly Red Coat. It is later revealed that CeCe actually was the Red Coat who stole the game from Mona and wore the disguise during her schemes, presumably until the saw mill incident.

Why cant Sara Harvey use her hands?

Emily defends herself by saying that it all happened too fast. Later that day, Spencer reveals to Caleb that on the night of Charlotte’s confession, after Emily punched Sara, she got up. However, she put her hands on an electrical box, causing very severe burns to her hands.

Is Sarah Charles DiLaurentis?

We found out Charles is definitely a DiLaurentis — another great revelation. We later found out her name is Sarah Harvey, and Sarah is the same girl who went missing around the same time Alison disappeared back in the beginning of the series.

Who is red coat on ‘PLL’?

When the first “A” was revealed to be their frenemy Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) in the season 2 finale, the Pretty Little Liars fandom was hit with a big twist – Mona was actually being manipulated by another mysterious figure known as Red Coat.

Is Toby the second a on Pretty Little Liars?

It is revealed that Toby is the second ” A ,” and is also part of The A-Team. The dramatic irony is that the Liars don’t seem to understand that both Mona and Toby are simply workers for Red Coat. In the same episode, we also see Mona talking to Red Coat on the phone, learning that there is a “change of plans”.

Who blackmailed the Liars on Pretty Little Liars?

Throughout the series, the Liars were blackmailed by a succession of mysterious figures going by the alias “A” who threatened to ruin their lives by exposing their most scandalous secrets, all while manipulating the girls for their own nefarious ends.

Where is CeCe Drake in the Liars?

CeCe Drake is seen in A’s lair (which is later revealed to be only Ezra’s lair) with a bunch of photos of the Liars and Alison. A red coat is seen sitting on her chair. At the hoedown, Red Coat is there but runs away. Spencer and Emily see someone moving in the pile of hay and dig through.