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When was the Thin White Duke era?

When was the Thin White Duke era?

The Thin White Duke was the persona and character of the British musician David Bowie during 1975 and 1976….

The Thin White Duke
First appearance 1975
Last appearance 1976
Created by David Bowie
Portrayed by David Bowie

How long was Bowie the Thin White Duke?

Considered a classic among fans and critics alike, it was unusual for a Bowie album in that it contained just six tracks, clocking in at just 38 minutes, but was his first release to chart higher in the US than the UK, from where he originated.

Who played guitar on Bowie’s Station?

The only memory Bowie has of making the album is of ordering lead guitarist Earl Slick to play and repeat a Chuck Berry riff over the opening bars of this track. “I have only flashes of making it,” a saner Bowie said much later. “I have serious problems about that year or two.

Who worked with David Bowie?

David Bowie

David Bowie OAL
Instruments Vocals
Labels ISO RCA Virgin EMI Columbia Deram Mercury BMG Pye Vocalion Parlophone Ryko
Associated acts Tin Machine The Hype The Riot Squad Arnold Corns Tony Visconti Carlos Alomar Iggy Pop Brian Eno Mick Ronson Lou Reed

Who played guitar on stations album?

So thanks, Eric.” Slick rejoined Bowie’s touring band after Stevie Ray Vaughan – who played guitar on the Let’s Dance album – jumped ship on the eve of the Serious Moonlight tour. “I came to save the day again,” Slick says, recalling that he only got the call two days before the tour began.

Why did the Thin White Duke die?

The Thin White Duke died so that David Bowie could live, create and inspire for another 40 years. “Breaking Glass” has cryptic references to the cocaine abuse Bowie was trying to put in his rearview mirror.

Why did David Bowie call himself the Thin White Duke?

He called himself the Thin White Duke, and he looked like the bastard son of European nobility. That was Bowie’s point. He was 29 years old and trying to move on from a previous incarnation, the technicolor alien Ziggy Stardust.

How did the Duke celebrate the day of strange blossoms?

The day after it had occurred to the Duke that he was now a monster was the Day of Strange Blossoms, celebrated by the wearing of flowers brought to the Ducal Palace from every world and every plane.