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What is the use of OB van in television broadcast?

What is the use of OB van in television broadcast?

A television production truck or OB van is a small mobile production control room to allow filming of events and video production at locations outside a regular television studio. They are used for remote broadcasts, outside broadcasting (OB), and electronic field production (EFP).

What is OB van in media?

Outside Broadcasting (OB) is the electronic field production (EFP) of TV or radio programme: usually covering news, sports and other events, from a mobile remote broadcast television studio or van. This type of production forms the basis of the majority of locally-produced airtime.

What is outside broadcasting explain?

countable noun. An outside broadcast is a radio or television programme that is not recorded or filmed in a studio, but in another building or in the open air.

What are the types of outside broadcast?

There are many kinds of outside recordings such as (ENG) Electronic News Gathering, (DNG) Digital News Gathering, (EEP) Electronic Field Production and (RFP) Remote Field Production. Any of this can be used to record schedule or unscheduled events for use in the Broadcast station.

What is outside coverage in media?

Outside Broadcasts Outside Broadcast (“OB”) refers to any television or radio programme which is broadcast from a location away from the normal studio setting. Generally, the term OB implies multi-camera coverage co-ordinated and directed from a mobile control room.

What is AVO in journalism?

Broadcast journalists often make an appearance in the news story at the beginning or end of the video clip. The AVO, or Anchor Voice Over, is the short form of news. The story is written in a gist.

Why outside broadcasting is important in broadcast media?

It is observed that outside transmission of political events have made most of the events very popular and carry millions of Nigerians along. Findings show that outside broadcasting transmission bring the event to the people as it is happening, it reduced the amount of information the gatekeepers can keep.

What is outside production?

CFR §170.305: Outdoor production means production of an agricultural plant in an outside area that is not enclosed or covered in any way that would obstruct the natural air flow.

What is DSNG van?

A digital satellite news gathering unit (DSNG) is a transmission unit/van, used mainly for live events, for broadcast purposes.

How does an OB van Work?

An OB Van is essentially a mobile studio. Cameras, vision control, sound mixing, vision mixing and everything else needed to produce a television production are all housed within one vehicle. Everything, from sound, to visuals, special effects, graphics and commentary are recorded to tape, as it happens.

What equipment you would need for an outdoor radio broadcast?

Here is a breakdown of the basic radio broadcast equipment:

  • Transmitter. The transmitter is the key component to any radio broadcast.
  • Receiver. The receiver picks up the encoded broadcast signal, decodes it, and allows for you to hear it.
  • Antenna.
  • Transmission Lines.
  • Audio Processor.
  • Mixer.
  • Speakers.
  • Cables.

Is this the world’s first OB van?

Italy’s ARET has created the first OB van in the world to feature the new 8331 point source monitors from ‘The Ones’ series by Genelec, the world leader in professional audio monitoring. Recently previewed at the IBC 2017 exhibition in Amsterdam, the trailer is a showcase of high-end outside broadcast technologies and integration.

What is the history of outside radio broadcasts?

Outside radio broadcasts have been taking place since the early 1920s and television ones since the late 1920s. The first large-scale outside broadcast was the televising of the Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth in May 1937, done by the BBC ‘s first Outside Broadcast truck, MCR 1 (short for Mobile Control Room).

When was the BBC’s first outside broadcast truck built?

The BBC’s first Outside Broadcast truck MCR 1, short for mobile control room, was built by the joint Marconi-EMI company and delivered to the BBC just in time to televise the Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth in May 1937.

What is the Clyde multi-purpose radio Outside Broadcast vehicle?

The Clyde Multi-Purpose Radio Outside Broadcast vehicle is based on a long wheel-base high roofed panel van, with optional ‘bad-roads’ pack. The load space is divided into two compartments, a control room and studio.