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What is the theme of smiles to go by Jerry Spinelli?

What is the theme of smiles to go by Jerry Spinelli?

As it explores Will’s friendships, his budding love life and his exasperation with his irritating little sister, the narrative also dramatizes issues related to the changeable nature of time and overcoming fear.

What genre is smiles to go?


Why do stylists cut hair too short?

Q: Why do hairdressers always cut your hair too short? If the client is trying to grow-out his or her hair, the objective shifts, and the hair is carefully trimmed so that the ends are even (our hairs grow independently at varying rates of growth). This allows the hair to look neat, without sacrificing the length.

What happens if you never trim your hair?

Surprisingly, if you left your hair to grow without going for a trim, the ends will suffer from damage and breakage. However, if you do not have damaged hair or split ends, then cutting it too often will prevent your hair growing longer, as you’ll simply be trimming healthy sections of hair.

Do split ends really stop hair growth?

As you experience more tangles, you will in turn experience more breakage and shedding. This is what people mean when they say split ends keep your hair from growing- they prevent length retention.

How do you know when it’s time for a haircut?

If you notice the difference in shine from you roots to your ends and your ends start to look really dull, then you need a haircut. The haircut or trim will get rid of the dead ends that are making your hair dull, then in combination with other hair care you can bring the shine back.

When should you not cut your hair?

To Cut or Not to Cut: 9 Things You Need to Consider Before Your Next Haircut

  • Remember you can cut it off, but it won’t grow back in an instant.
  • The shape of your face plays a role.
  • Short hair makes your hair texture tighter.
  • Your tools should change.
  • Your hair won’t take as long to style.
  • You’ll use less shampoo.