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What is the purpose of Clare Boothe Luce speech?

American journalist and politician, Clare Boothe Luce, in her opening speech at the 1960 Women’s National Press Club meeting, prepares her audience, qualifying and defending her forthcoming criticism. Luce’s purpose is to provoke thought in the journalist’s minds on what journalism is really about at its core.

Was Clare Boothe Luce a journalist?

About Clare Boothe Luce. Clare Boothe Luce was truly a remarkable woman. Her career spanned seven decades and nearly as many professional interests—journalism, politics, the theatre, diplomacy, and intelligence. Anne Clare Boothe was born in New York City, March 10, 1903.

Brokaw is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Ann Clare Brokaw (1924–1944), the only child of Clare Boothe Luce and George Tuttle Brokaw. Charles Brokaw, author of the Thomas Lourds book series.

When was Clare Boothe Luce born?

March 10, 1903
Clare Boothe Luce/Date of birth

Where is Clare Boothe Luce buried?

In 1935, she married wealthy publisher Henry Luce and that same year saw her first play, the drama “Abide With Me”, produced on Broadway….Clare Boothe Luce.

Original Name Ann Clare Boothe
Burial Luce Family Cemetery Moncks Corner, Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA
Memorial ID 10966 · View Source

Who was Clare Boothe Luce married to?

Henry Lucem. 1935–1967
George Tuttle Brokawm. 1923–1929
Clare Boothe Luce/Spouse

What nationality is the name Brokaw?

Brokaw is the Americanized surname for the descendants of Bourgon Broucard, the Huguenot who came to Dutch New York in 1675. Broucard himself was French-speaking and probably of French origin. But the Broucard name may have derived from a Flemish word broekaert of uncertain meaning. Broucard origins in Europe.

What is the tone in Clare Boothe Luce speech?

During her speech, Luce uses a strong and criticizing tone, which is very important to making her point.

What rhetorical choices does Clare Boothe Luce use?

During her opening of the speech, Luce attempts to prepare the audience for her message through the usage of various rhetorical strategies such as tone, diction, and her appeal to the audience. These different methods collaborated to capture and maintain the audience’s attention and interest.

Is Clare Boothe Luce still alive?

Deceased (1903–1987)
Clare Boothe Luce/Living or Deceased

How does Luce use this introduction to prepare the audience for her message?

The opening paragraph presents a series of choices that Luce makes to prepare the audience: “she employs the fact that they invited her there to speak, a strong consideration for their feelings, praises of their profession, and a clear plea for open mindedness.” The second paragraph effectively explains Luce’s “paradox …

What are examples of rhetorical choices?

Commonly used rhetorical strategies

  • Alliteration.
  • Amplification.
  • Anacoluthon.
  • Anadiplosis.
  • Antanagoge.
  • Apophasis.
  • Chiasmus.
  • Euphemism.