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What is the phrasal verb of looks like?

look like is a phrasal verb which means to be similar in appearance to someone or something (Merriam Webster – to have an appearance that is very similar to (someone or something) : to resemble (someone or something) You look just like your mother! That powdered sugar looks like snow.)

What is the answer to Danke Schoen?


What is the phrasal verb of look for?

Look for = to search / to try to find (transitive) When a person is searching for or trying to find someone or something. You often look for something when you have lost it or need it. A synonyms is to search. This phrasal verb is frequently used in a progressive tense.

Is get up a phrasal verb?

GET UP (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How many phrasal verbs are there in English?

10,000 phrasal verbs

What is the verb of get up?

Definition of get up (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1a : to arise from bed. b : to rise to one’s feet. c : climb, ascend.

Does get up mean outfit?

The definition of a get-up is an outfit or costume that a person is wearing, or high energy. An example of a get-up is someone wearing a pirate costume. An example of a get-up is a person who is motivated to do well in order to get promoted.

How do you say someone got up?

  1. aroused,
  2. awakened,
  3. awoke.
  4. (also awaked),
  5. bestirred,
  6. stirred,
  7. woke.
  8. (also waked)

What is a better word for got up?

What is another word for got up?

awoke awaked
awoken awakened
rose risen
stirred arose
arisen uprose

What’s another word for got?

What is another word for got?

found achieved
attained acquired
gained obtained
understood had
knew realizedUS

Is gotten a real word?

Gotten is a past tense form of the verb to get. The past tense form of get is got; the past participle of got is gotten. A past participle is a word that’s used with had, have or has. Therefore, it’s perfectly acceptable to use gotten if it’s being used with its companion word.