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What is Melbourne above sea level?

What is Melbourne above sea level?


How far above sea level is Geelong?

39.5 m

How do you measure above sea level?

How is the height of different places on earth measured from the sea level? The height of different places on earth is measured with the help of the ‘altimeter’. The instrument used for measuring the height at a place is basically a barometer. At sea level, the height of the barometric liquid (mercury) is 76 cm.

How far above sea level is Bendigo?


How high above sea level is Emerald Victoria?

321 m

How high is Sydney above sea?

35.6 m

Where should I not live in Ballarat?


  • A SEBASTOPOL street has been named the worst for crime in Ballarat.
  • The street leap-frogged Sturt and Lydiard streets, which had the highest number of offences recorded by police in 2013 and 2012.
  • – Albert Street had seen an increase in the number of offences, from 199 to 243 offences, up by 22 per cent.

Which city is the hottest in Australia?

Hottest day for 2020 recorded in Sydney’s west The hottest day in Australia this year was recorded in Penrith, in Sydney’s western suburbs, which reached 48.9C on January 4 during the height of the Black Summer bushfire crisis.

Where should I live in Ballarat?

Central Ballarat and Alfredton are currently the best suburbs to look for units, townhouses and other dual occupancy dwellings to buy in Greater Ballarat. They have the highest number available, whereas Delacombe and Soldiers Hill don’t even have any units statistics registered on local real estate websites.

What type of people live in Ballarat?

In the 2016 Census, there were 157,485 people in Ballarat (Statistical Area Level 4). Of these 48.8% were male and 51.2% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 1.4% of the population. The median age of people in Ballarat (Statistical Area Level 4) was 42 years.

Does Ballarat get snow?

How unusual is snow in springtime? While it is unusual for snow to fall at this time of year, Ms Bradbury said it was not unheard of in a city like Ballarat. “What makes this one a little bit special is the snow has managed to hang on in certain locations more than just melting on the ground,” she said.

Where should I live in regional Victoria?

  • Barwon. Breathtaking hinterland forests.
  • Central Highlands. Whatever your tastes in life, Victoria’s celebrated Central Highlands is one region where you’re sure to be able to indulge them.
  • Gippsland.
  • Goulburn.
  • Great South Coast.
  • Loddon Campaspe.
  • Mallee.
  • Ovens Murray.

What is the best country town to live in Victoria?

Woodend in the Macedon Ranges was named number one for Victoria – and ranked sixth nationally – with a median house price of $807,500….More from news

  • Airlie Beach – Cannonvale, Queensland.
  • Wangaratta, Victoria.
  • Port Fairy, Victoria.
  • Mullumbimby, New South Wales.
  • Castlemaine, Victoria.

What is the best place to live in Victoria?

Warrnambool, along the Great Ocean Road, on Victoria’s southwest coast, had the highest ranking, followed by inner- Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs also made it in the top five. About 10,000 people across the country were asked the top attributes that make somewhere a good place to live.