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the stupidity of copyright

Ok. I was reading the blog of Grant McCracken (who is about consumption and culture and it is very interesting and can be found at this link) and I found an old post about a couple of announcements. Now, to illustrate the point that one of those ads seemed to him particularly well, he posted a link to a Youtube video with the commercial.

If one follows the link is to a Youtube page that says the following: This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. A commercial, an advertisement, it was removed because someone apparently complained about the copyright issue. A video whose only function is to be seen.

In the end, there are worse things I guess.

(NOTE: Someone might think that, given that the ad is old and may no longer occur, then it would make sense to delete the link. Now, given that the brand still exists, what is the damage that it causes someone to present your advertising at no cost?)