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More research decent

For the theme of the methodology course I have forgotten to put any more texts.

  1. The Distinction, Bourdieu. How the hell I forgot? It’s entertaining, has a very good discussion of methodology in annex and is a very good research.
  2. Some research Panel, and as the English make millions of these studies, one English. Let us think of the British Household Panel Study (which also has quite a few papers to get off)
  3. Given what I’m interested in sociology of art, and as these poor goats are never going to see something of the topic, and is a way of investigating, say, Barrington Moore (why in Spanish, Skockpol could be interesting if I find something translated).
  4. Inglehart for international studies (and in addition if the data are indeed achievable, could be ok).
  5. Political polls: some of the CEP (base available on the Internet and the reports are decent and detailed, and in addition discuss their methodological issues)
  6. Use survey -longitudinal study and in addition, by the fact of having changed methodology recently, it is interesting from the methodological point of view.

And with that we would take as 13 studies, few more and we might have what you need.