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How do you reference a section?

How do you reference a section?

Include the following information:Author or authors’ names.Publication year.Article title (in sentence case, without quotation marks or italics)Journal title (in title case and in italics)Volume number (in italics)Issue number (in parentheses)Page number(s) where the article appears.

Can I cite references in an abstract?

There are some circumstances where you might need to mention other sources in an abstract: for example, if your research responds directly to another study or focuses on the work of a single theorist. In general, though, don’t include citations unless absolutely necessary.

Can you cite an abstract apa?

It is preferable to cite the full text of a work, but abstracts can be used as sources and included in the reference list IF you indicate as such in the citation. For APA style, here is an example citation from the 6th ed of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, p.