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Does a magnetic field do any work on a moving charge?

Does a magnetic field do any work on a moving charge?

Magnetic force is always perpendicular to velocity, so that it does no work on the charged particle. The particle’s kinetic energy and speed thus remain constant. The direction of motion is affected, but not the speed.

What gives rise to diverging electric field?

The divergence of the electric field at a point in space is equal to the charge density divided by the permittivity of space. It is often more practical to convert this relationship into one which relates the scalar electric potential to the charge density. This gives Poisson’s equation and LaPlace’s equation.

Can electric field exist without charge density?

theoretically there does not exist any need of charges to be there. Fields can even exist without the charges but still independent fields have not been observed still. EMWs are also produced from any accelerated charges.

Can electric potential exists even when electric field is absent?

Yes, electric potential can be zero at a point even when the electric field is not zero at that point. Considering the case of the electric dipole will help us understand this concept.

What if there is no electric field?

Q1,If there is no electric field at any point, then there cannot be a charge at that point. But, there can be no force at a point where there is no charge. For the second question the answer is no. All charges exert an electric field.

Does voltage produce electric field?

Charge produces electric field, and therefore also produces voltage differences. Moving charge, a.k.a current, produces magnetic field. Having a difference in voltage between two points in space creates an electric field.

What is voltage electric field?

Electric potential energy exists if there is a charged object at the location. Electric potential difference, also known as voltage, is the external work needed to bring a charge from one location to another location in an electric field.