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Do I need a 4WD to get to Arkaroola?

Do I need a 4WD to get to Arkaroola?

A 4WD vehicle is highly recommended although it is possible to get there using a 2WD. Whatever type of vehicle you take you should ensure you have two (2) spare tyres! The road into Arkaroola is littered with blown tyres. The road can be impassable after rain as there are many floodways that cross the road.

Is the road to Arkaroola sealed?

Drive to Arkaroola About 130km in distance, the road from Copley is unsealed but generally maintained, with the average driving time from Leigh Creek via Nipapanha (Nepabunna) approximately 2 hours.

What to see in Arkaroola?

Top 5 Things to do at Arkaroola

  • Acacia Ridge Hike. If you do only one thing at Arkaroola, I reckon it has to be the 3-hour Acacia Ridge Hike.
  • Ridgetop Tour.
  • Tillite Gorge Walk.
  • Sunset drive to Arkaroola Waterhole.
  • Flight with Doug.

Can you get to Arkaroola in a 2WD?

The bitumen ends at Blinman or Leigh Creek to the south and the last 120km to Arkaroola can be travelled via a 2WD gravel road in good condition. The public roads within Arkaroola and Gammon Ranges are generally well maintained.

Can you get fuel at Arkaroola?

Petrol is available during the day.

Is there fuel at Arkaroola?

Within the sanctuary, Arkaroola Village provides all the comforts sought by the contemporary traveller including air conditioned motel lodges, a caravan park with powered and un-powered sites and bush camping areas, a licensed restaurant, bar, lounge area, fuel outlet, complimentary barbecue facilities, a large in- …

Is Arkaroola worth visiting?

Arkaroola is also one of the most recognised ecotourism ventures in Australia. It certainly seems like a wild adventure to the middle of the outback, but visiting Arkaroola is worth every bump in the unsealed road to get there.

Is there phone reception at Arkaroola?

Telephone and phone reception: There are Telstra payphones available in the camping area and reception. Otherwise, Telstra has good 4G network around the main Arkaroola Village. Pet policy: Dogs are allowed only in the camping area but must be kept on a leash.

Is there Telstra coverage in Innamincka?

Telstra 4G is now available in Innamincka, with a radius of approximately 7 kilometres around the town. Roaming Wi-Fi which uses satellite transmission is available for purchase at the hotel.

Where are the Telstra towers?

Telstra Tower (also known as Black Mountain Tower and formerly Telecom Tower) is a telecommunications tower and lookout that is situated above the summit of Black Mountain in Australia’s capital city of Canberra.

What is Arkaroola known for?

Arkaroola plane. Arkaroola is the common name for the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary situated on 610 square kilometres (240 square miles) of freehold and pastoral lease land in South Australia.

How far is Arkaroola from Adelaide?

These two maps indicate Arkaroola’s location in the northern Flinders Ranges, 600 kilometres north of Adelaide in South Australia: Most visitors tend to travel to Arkaroola via Leigh Creek and Copley, a trip that is about 130km in distance.

What can you do in the Arkaroola Wilderness?

From the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, set up camp, reach new heights on a ridgetop tour, admire distant galaxies on an astronomy tour or take to the skies on a scenic flight. Sign up for our newsletter and get top stories, exclusive offers, events and free travel inspiration straight to your inbox!

Will South Australia ban mining in Arkaroola?

Following unprecedented public pressure, the South Australian government announced on 22 July 2011 that mining would be banned forever in Arkaroola, with the aim of national and World Heritage listing. Mining companies have since threatened legal action against the government.